Unit Calendar

PURPOSE: Provides timely structure of course units in a calendar year view KEEP IN MIND: Unit titles should be sustainable and written to stand the test of time. Q: Will unit titles still be viable if new resources are purchased? Q: How could using the state standards be a starting point to writing sustainable unit… Read more »

Add An Attachment

WEBSITE LINK:  All internet resources can easily be linked within each mapping template section.  Just copy and paste the URL address.  (EXAMPLES:  videos, activities/games, education ideas, Pinterest) FILE ATTACHMENT: Quickly upload attachments from your computer or external drive.  (EXAMPLES: downloaded whiteboard activities, worksheets, rubrics, graphic organizers) GOOGLE DRIVE: Easily upload all Google Drive applications. (After an initial… Read more »

Standards Alignment

PURPOSE: Selected standards support the unit, giving focus and direction to instruction and assessment KEEP IN MIND: Use current state standards. If you are updating old standards within a curriculum map, please refer to the IN Dept of Education website for an easy-to-use standard correlation guide. Select standards that are truly tied to and will… Read more »

LCMS Faith Statements

PURPOSE:  Selected Faith Statements support the integration of the Christian faith into units of study KEEP IN MIND:  Aligned faith statements should be meaningful and naturally connect to the unit. Faith statements can be aligned multiple times with multiple units/courses of study. Assess or not assess? A good conversation point for your faculty to collectively… Read more »

Essential Questions / Enduring Understandings / Big Ideas

PURPOSE:  Questions or statements, based on unit big ideas, that give lasting value beyond the classroom KEEP IN MIND:  To provide clarity and a common mapping language, it’s worth a faculty conversation to collectively decide on one heading for this section.  Will these be written as questions or statements? big ideas or I CAN statements?… Read more »


PURPOSE:  What we want our students to know and understand about the unit or topic KEEP IN MIND:  Consider having a sub-heading added to this section (STUDENTS WILL KNOW….) to help mappers start their content phrases. Writing content in paragraph or narrative form might be difficult for you and others to quickly read and digest…. Read more »


PURPOSE:  What we want students to be able to do.   KEEP IN MIND: Consider having a sub-heading added to this section (STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO….) to help mappers start their skill phrases. Writing skills in paragraph or narrative form might be difficult for you and others to quickly read and digest. Consider formatting skills:… Read more »


PURPOSE:  The opportunities we provide students to demonstrate their understanding of unit content and skills they have acquired. KEEP IN MIND:  Assessments are: observable and measurable directly aligned to standards varied to address different learning styles List the assessments you will use to gather evidence of student learning. If an aligned standard will not be… Read more »

Keeping the Momentum: A Twist on Diary Mapping (click for video)

Sarah Weber (grade 2 teacher at St. Peter’s – Columbus) talks about getting over the mapping hump by integrating a very literal way of diary mapping.  Keeping the mapping momentum is right at her fingertips by having a replica map with her as she plans, teaches, and reflects.  (This strategy also works for bridging the… Read more »

A-Ha Moment! (click for video)

Bridgette Hutcheson (grade 2 teacher at St. Peter’s-Columbus) shares a pivotal moment in her curriculum mapping journey.  Taking time to reflect on aligned standards gave her new insight to instruction and student expectations.