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It is no surprise for many to see stewardship lumped into the category of “financial matters.” In fact, this is the MO for American Christianity on the whole; however, there is a more appropriate way, a more Lutheran way, to understand stewardship.

Stewardship, first and foremost, IS NOT a financial discussion; it is a theological one. This does not preclude the reality that there is a financial or monetary aspect to stewardship because there undoubtedly is, but stewardship firmly belongs in the realm of the sanctified life that we as Lutherans live daily within the three estates. With a proper understanding of vocation, we will realize that we engage in stewardship because as Christians it is simply what we do when living the Christian life!

The link below will send you to the LCMS Stewardship page, but in the future we hope to have additional links that will take you to all manner of information and teaching related to biblical stewardship.

Visit the LCMS Stewardship Ministry page here.