District Budget Summary

Published on June 5th, 2020

As part of The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, the mission of the Indiana District is to encourage and assist the Christian outreach and nurture of its congregations and other ministries.

Relating this mission statement to the financial aspects of the district operations highlights the fact that the district budget encompasses a number of ministries and programs that are focused on proclaiming the love of Christ in our churches, schools, and communities.

Indiana District Budget Summary

Per Indiana District 2012 Convention Resolution 4-07 requirement, the Budget Plan for fiscal year ending March 31, 2021 is balanced.

  • The budgeted expense total is $2,583,164.

That total is made up of the following District Program expense categories. Examples of the ministry, services, resources, and assistance programs included under each are noted below.

  • Synod Support
  • Outreach Ministries – Includes Mission Grants, Prison Ministry, Campus Ministry, Deaf Ministry, Parish Nurse Ministry, Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT), Senior Adult Ministry, Hispanic Ministry, African Immigrant Ministry, Chinese Ministry, Rural Ministry, Evangelism and Revitalization.
  • Education, Youth & Family Ministry – Includes Ministerial Health, Congregational Service Assistants, School Programs, Youth Services and Administrative Support.
  • Administration, Oversight & Governance (President) – Includes Circuit Visitors, Adjudication & Reconcilers and Board of Directors Councils & Committees.
  • Finance Resources & Stewardship
  • Office Building & Depreciation
  • Communications & Information Systems
  • Church Worker Financial Aid & Colloquy
  • Gift Planning/Development
  • Lutheran Church Extension Fund – Total program expense reimbursed by LCEF

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