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Revitalization and Strategic Planning

Indiana District Revitalization

The Indiana District Revitalization is a process which is:

  • Doctrinally pure, soundly “Lutheran”, with a Law/Gospel emphasis.
  • Accountable without setting aside the congregation’s bylaws.
  • Pastor and Elders are trained and encouraged to hold each other mutually accountable.
  • Repentance is taught and preached, leading to a Waltherian, “Day of Repentance and Prayer.”
  • Has a Biblical and Confessional emphasis on Evangelism.

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Re:Vitality – Lutheran Revitalization

The Office of National Mission is addressing the challenge of congregational decline through a comprehensive Revitalization initiative. In the language of 1 Corinthians 3:5-9, revitalization is centered on planting and watering in anticipation of God providing the growth. Read more on the LCMS website here.

Strategic Planning

For information about Strategic Planning, contact Rev. Dr. Geoffrey L. Robinson –
geoff.robinson@in.lcms.org or 260-423-1511, ext. 2207.