Indiana District: 2017-18 Grade Level Curriculum Conversations

Grade 6+ ELA Curriculum Conversation April 27, 2018 SMALL BUT MIGHTY!  Indiana District Grade 6-8 ELA teachers connected on Friday, April 27.  The group may have been small, but the conversation was HUGE! Highlights included shared instructional best practices, reading comprehension formative assessments, student engagement strategies, and much more! WE FEEL… Beth Lewer (Zion –… Read more »

For Atlas System Administrators

Beginning of the Year Checklist for Atlas System Administrators:

Indiana District PLC: Professional Learning Community

Where can I access maps from other schools around the IN District? Click on the COMMUNITIES tab at the top of your Atlas home page. Choose PLC (Indiana LCMS PLC).  Once there, use the drop down boxes to further define your search. (e.g. site, grade level, subject area). HELPFUL HINT: Use the “hide empty course”… Read more »

Putting the Student in the Chair

The curriculum mapping process can bring out many emotions among educators. While some teachers may gain a sense of excitement and inspiration through the mapping process, others may experience feelings of frustration and anxiety. Putting the process into perspective is one way to assure success (no matter how you’re feeling). Where can you find that… Read more »

Phases of Curriculum Mapping

LAYING THE FOUNDATION Things to consider: What is the mission of curriculum mapping at your school?  Why are you mapping? What are the needs of the students? How can curriculum mapping be used as a communication tool at your school? What can the stakeholders of your school expect to gain from the curriculum mapping process?… Read more »

Atlas Basic Training

Where can I access basic Atlas system support? Click on the SUPPORT tab at the top of your Atlas home page. For a series of helpful basic training videos, go to:  

Looking At Your Map Through A Different Lens

  A different perspective can bring about a new understanding of your curriculum map!  Information input is definitely important to the mapping process.  However, it’s critical to move from that ground-level view and analyze your map from a different, deeper perspective.  Atlas offers a variety of reports to serve as that new lens. (Use the… Read more »

Helpful Hints

  [curriculum voice] Generate a WHY STATEMENT to capture curriculum mapping vision. Allow for ALL to be heard and plan consistent voice outlets throughout mapping process. Talk, talk, and keep talking about curriculum! Plan time to share mapping thoughts and a-ha moments. [mapping process] Take it slowly! Learn the mapping process within ONE course of… Read more »

Creating A Curriculum Mapping Culture

ADOPTING A GROWTH MINDSET As with any new initiative, mindset plays an important role. Are you willing to: take a risk? confront a new challenge? stretch yourself to learn something new? develop something inside of you? realize there’s room to improve and grow? find success in learning and improving? create an environment of change? BRIDGING… Read more »

Curriculum: Are You Talking About It?

START THE CONVERSATION! Making the curriculum conversation a priority is a good place to start. WHAT is curriculum? WHAT are the pieces that make up your school’s curriculum? WHO are the stakeholders of your school’s curriculum? WHY is it important to have a curriculum? to document your school’s curriculum? WHY is it important to talk… Read more »