Think back to your toddler days.  Did your parents give you one chance to learn how to walk?  Of course not!  With an unlimited number of tries, and loving, patient arms ready to pick you up after each fall, you finally mastered the art of walking.  Was there a magic age you were supposed to… Read more »

Follow @BrockbergPhD Network with Indiana District Educators!

What can you expect from the Indiana District tweets? I will not tweet about : the BigTen, what’s trending in entertainment, my recent vacation (no selfies!) nor retweet political controversy in Washington D.C.   I will send SAVVY tweets and retweets about : educational policy debates within Indiana and our nation, foundations and reflections about… Read more »

Indiana District Early Childhood Conference 2019 – Sing A New Song!

Save the date of June 15! Plan to join other early childhood educators for a professional development day at Calvary Lutheran School, Indianapolis.  Starting at 9am with a continental breakfast we move into our featured speaker, Jim Gill presenting Music Play with Purpose.   After that, there will be times to choose from 15 sections such as:… Read more »

Early Childhood Conference at Concordia Chicago

Concordia Chicago is holding it’s annual early childhood conference June 9-10 entitled Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead. For more inforamtion see attached brochure:  EC Conf Concorida Chicago  

Who Me? Yes Me! FLAME into Action….

Who Me? If you respond in this way when your principal asks you to consider a future in school administration, FLAME is designed especially for you! Yes, Me! If you aspire to be an administrator in Lutheran schools, FLAME is also designed for you!   FLAME Leaders in seven Midwest Districts of the LCMS know… Read more »

Three Questions about Communication

Question 1: What do the Erie Canal, the Wittenberg door, the Pony Express, and the original Wireless (not Bluetooth) have in common?  A few hints: The Erie Canal not only transported goods; the flow of ideas along this channel catalyzed sentiments for the abolitionist movement throughout New England and to the expanding West Martin Luther’s… Read more »

TEC21 Workshop Enrollment Open for 2019-2020 School Year

Open Enrollment for the TEC21 Workshop Program begins January 2 and seats for this progressive professional development program go fast. The TEC21 Workshop Program is a unique professional development strategy with a mission to: • Connect Lutheran educators at local, regional, national and international levels • Assist teachers in gaining new expertise to confidently and effectively… Read more »

iLearn Introduction

Below is a link to a two-page document to help you, your teachers, and staff address and prepare for  the upcoming Assessments from the Indian Department of Education.  The introduction expresses that “you can webcrawl all over the DOE website, OR you can sprint through the attachment to navigate ILEARN professionally.”  I trust you and… Read more »