Your Indiana District at Work!

The Fall edition of the Lutheran Education Association’s Shaping the Future is filled with contributions from your colleagues across the Indiana District. Kara Bratton recounts the pandemic’s impact on mental health in adults and children, providing ample information and statistics, much of which, Kara admits will probably not surprise you.  However, Kara draws out some optimistic and self-serving guidelines for the start of a school year so very different from the heart-wrenching, mind-wrangling positions of the CDC, Department of Health, your parents and faculty and students just one year ago. Tom Wrege (ok, now he is in Texas, but loves his years of service in Indiana) recounts how collaborations with leaders in the Indiana District and Concordia Publishing House resulted in a groundswell of acceptance of the new Lutheran Religion Standards (which are uploaded into your ATLAS curriculum storehouse) and led to the publishing of the newest Religion series for Lutheran Schools, entitled Enduring Faith (2022). Alicia Levitt and Julie Dietrich penned an overview of these new Lutheran Religion Standards which Tom Wrege cites above. Kevin Brockberg added another installment in Shaping the Future for understanding of Restorative Practices in Lutheran Schools, this time identifying the Science of the Mind embedded within the process of restoring relationships (2 Corinthians 5:17-19) in school discipline. This link gives all the details about the upcoming October 6-8 Convocation in Milwaukee, which serves as the District’s teachers conference for this 2022-2023 academic year.