Published on July 4th, 2018

Boy was Thursday night at the convention a blessing!  The evening banquet from my perspective was to be a regular banquet, a nice meal and a time to fellowship and great food.  It was all of that and much more!  It was very moving to have my family surprise me with a visit (thanks to Jan’s undercover work)!  I enjoyed the music by my daughter’s Blue Grass group, the strong witness by my son Paul and daughter Sarah and even grandson Andrew!  It was great to have Dave and Nancy Sattler come from St. James in Lafayette! I truly appreciated the MC work by my Pastor (Thomas Eggold), the memory book of letters and notes and the gracious words of President-Elect Brege!   Thanks Ron Brauer for these pics!


Finally we concluded the convention with joyous worship at Historic St. Paul on Friday afternoon!  All in all it was a memorable convention with a lot of unexpected memories to cherish!  The generosity and faithful spirit of the Indiana District was on display in wonderful ways!  Thank you all and God bless and keep each of us as we serve Him together!