Would You Consider Bethesda as a Misison Project?


For over 100 years, Bethesda Lutheran Communities has served people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide for the physical, emotional, vocational and spiritual needs of people who often would have nowhere else to go for help.
Can you help us help them? By designating Bethesda as a mission project for your school or Sunday school, your students will partner with Bethesda’s ministry and help to make a positive difference in the physical and spiritual lives of people with disabilities.

If you do choose Bethesda, upon request we can send you any or all of the following:

  • Information about Bethesda and the people Bethesda serves each day
  • Early Childhood Bible Study and teacher guide
  • Elementary and Youth Bible Studies
  • Coloring books
  • Chapel service
  • Coin boxes or envelopes for mission project collections for each student
  • 2-5 minute videos about how Bethesda is positively impacting the lives of people with disabilities
  • Age-appropriate activities for your students to help them better understand what it is like to live with a disability and see how their gifts will impact people’s lives.

To get this information, send an email request with the number of students and ages involved to: development@mailblc.org

We would also be happy to schedule a guest speaker to host a chapel service at your school and/or spend time in each classroom to talk about disability awareness and Christian Service, sharing information about what Bethesda does as well as what your students can do in service the their Lord. Again, to check on availability and scheduling, contact us.
Working together, we can make and will make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities.
If you have any questions, please contact us at: development@mailblc.org

Thank you, in advance, for your prayerful consideration of support for the mission and ministry of Bethesda Lutheran Communities!
Rev. Reuben Schmitz
Mr. Peter Ferry
Bethesda Mission Support Counselors

P.S. Don’t know much about Bethesda?


Founded in 1904 in Watertown, Wis., Bethesda Lutheran Communities has always strived to fulfill our ongoing MISSION:
To enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to provide for the physical, emotional, vocational and spiritual needs of people with disabilities, helping them live the lives that they want as independently as possible. From our warm, welcoming group homes to our array of personalized in-home services, Bethesda changes lives and connects people to their communities and church. We carry out this ministry through our nationwide network of 300 homes, facilities and other service programs in 13 states serving almost 2000 people each day.  Because of you: A place for people to learn and grow
Bethesda serves the needs of people with developmental disabilities to help them turn their goals into reality with:

  • Community-based (group) homes
  • Day programs and respite care
  • Supported living (in-home) services, like cooking or cleaning, for those who don’t live in a Bethesda home
  • Vocational (job) training, workshops and employment programs to help people we support find work

The people we serve find independence and community in their homes. We empower people to make their own choices about the things that matter to them, such as where and how they choose to live.  With your help: A place for people to praise the Lord

For over a century, Bethesda’s goal has always included a special focus on the spiritual needs of people with developmental disabilities and connecting them to their Lord and Savior. Today, our ministry consultants continue to carry out this mission:

  • Helping to connect the people we serve to local, welcoming congregations
  • Creating devotional and religious instruction materials for people who have developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Helping congregations start a local program of welcoming and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities

Counting on you: A place for you to get involved  Go to www.BethesdaLutheranCommunities.org to learn more about how you can:

  • Donate to support Bethesda’s ministry
  • Request disability awareness and inclusion materials
  • Have a Bethesda Sunday or host a Bethesda project at your school or church group
  • Use Bethesda’s Bible studies and instructional or devotional materials (Wonderfully Made series)
  • Join the Auxiliary or volunteer (anyone can) to help make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities
  • Visit or volunteer at one of our 19 thrift shops in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas
  • Become an advocate for people with disabilities in your community