Who Me? Yes Me! FLAME into Action….

Who Me?

If you respond in this way when your principal asks you to consider a future in school administration, FLAME is designed especially for you!

Yes, Me!

If you aspire to be an administrator in Lutheran schools, FLAME is also designed for you!



Leaders in seven Midwest Districts of the LCMS know the future of Lutheran Schools rests in God’s hands.  FLAME is designed to mold future school leaders, fully equipped for the task of administration with:

  • answers about administrative roles and responsibilities,
  • collegial connections,
  • rich resources,
  • spiritual inspiration;

all ignited with a 3-day introduction on the campus of Concordia University-Ann Arbor from June 16-18, 2020.  Leaders of these seven Districts truly want to spark your interest into flame, and will support your spirations with a full scholarship.

Whether you are uncertain, or ready to launch, more information is available from the FLAME website.

Contact Kevin Brockberg with your questions:  kevin.brockberg@in.lcms.org or 248.895.2202