What is Summer SAIL?

Here’s your opportunity to find out about the summer learning loss program.

This is Summer School…. THIS IS SUMMER SAIL !!!!!
Research reveals little of no academic gains with remedial instruction for learning deficits in Summer School.vsAcademic bursts of hale and hearty instruction target selected state standards in SAIL, rather than focusing on individual student deficits
Summer School is reserved and mandated consequence for those who fail, seldom motivating students who must work week-by-week to learn the same materials, concepts, and activities originally failed during the school year.vsSAIL is an opportunity for some students to close the gap of learning loss, while others stretch beyond the mean with one-week, motivating modules of instruction; quite unlike their usual classroom experiences, all learning finishes in one week and new content and themes resume the next.
Content is based upon what “I Can’t” do, and progress is measured by what is overcome at the end of Summer School.vs“I Can” statements chart the course for instruction toward Indiana Standards; Progress Reports are checklists of mastery sent home every Friday.
Summer School is a summer-long commitment with little flexibility for vacations and other summer activities.vsStudents register for as many one-week sessions as desired, accommodating for vacations and other summer activities.
Summer School replicates typical school-year schedules for classroom instruction.vsSAIL is an adventure with long bouts of time structured for learning and socialization.
Summer School is the traditional, obsolete, unmotivating, and ineffective approach to remediate learning gaps and losses, with little evidence of success.vsFresh winds of blended learning, critical thinking, in-class instruction, collaborative aims, state standards, and easily-understood “I can” assessments all propel SAIL.

Learn more about Summer SAIL in these interactive zoom sessions with Kevin, both will be identical in content, so choose one.  Recordings will also be available.

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