What is “Outreach and Human Care”?

For my inaugural blog, I thought that it might be good for you to know a little bit about what I do as an Executive Counselor for Outreach and Human Care.

I spend a lot of my time encouraging and assisting the missionaries in our district.  We have African Immigrant, Hispanic, Chinese, Deaf and Campus ministries that we are supporting throughout the Indiana District – LCMS.

Today I spent time talking to one of our African American congregational leaders offering support for the work that he is attempting to do.

I am involved in encouraging the members of our congregations to see that the fields are ripe unto harvest and that there is opportunity in every community our congregations find themselves in to reach out with the mercy of Christ as well as to share the story of God and His love.

In future blogs I will speak more about the outreach efforts going on in our district at this point, share with you the human care efforts in our district and perhaps begin to write a weekly devotion to share with you via this means.