We’re Almost There – A Christmas Note from the District Office to You!

Published on December 16th, 2018

We’re almost there!

The Advent journey – begun right after Thanksgiving – is almost over.

The Advent wreath has been lit. God’s promises have been heard (again) from Holy Scripture.

The prayer, “Come, Lord Jesus” has been spoken and sung.

We’ve been waiting with anticipation and eagerness.

We’re almost there.

Almost to the Good Tidings of great joy.

Almost to the manger and the Child wrapped in swaddling cloths.

Almost to the glorious “Glorias” taught to us by the angels.

Almost to the shepherds running to see what the Lord has done.

We’re almost there.

We look forward to kneeling at the manger and celebrating the birth of our newborn Savior!

From all of us at the district office, we wish you a blessed Advent, a joyful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Note: As the District Office will be closed for parts of the Christmas weeks, our newsletters will be paused until after the new year. You can look forward to seeing us in your email box again the week of January 7.