Welcoming them home at Easter

Published on March 19th, 2018

The Easter Parade is Coming Soon!

Yes, there’s still more than a week of Lent. We look forward to Palm Sunday and Holy week and our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services.  All of these are vital to our spiritual journey towards Easter.

We all wish that all of our members — and those outside of the church — would honor this whole journey, but we know that Easter morning will bring people we have not seen for a long time (and some we have never seen).  How do we feel about that?

We wish we would see them more often, but we are glad they are here on Easter.  So we plan big!  Great music, Easter décor, maybe a sunrise service and/or an Easter breakfast!  And we do want to welcome them with the spirit and attitude reflected in the hymn, “Today Your Mercy Calls Us.

Today our Father calls us;
His Holy Spirit waits;
His blessed angels gather
Around the heavenly gates.
No question will be asked us,
How often we have come;
Although we oft have wandered,
It is our Father’s home.

Even those who rarely come and those who never come are welcome in our Father’s house. This is something for us to think about!

I am often asked by congregations how to re-engage inactive members. This Easter may be a great starting point for some of our in-actives.

If a person has been away for a while it can be challenging to return – not knowing what people will say or how they will be welcomed. They are likely pretty fragile and tender.

My encouragement is for all of our congregations to welcome any “wanderers” that may arrive at our church doors this Easter!