We Lift Up In Prayer

Published on February 4th, 2019

We give thanks for:

The birth of Payton Ann to teacher Megan McGee of Emmaus, Fort Wayne,  grandparents are Micky Martin (Wyneken Memorial, Decatur) & Keith Martin (Emmaus Fort Wayne).

For those we know with medical issues:

  • Jerry Werth, emeritus Fort Wayne (last served Central, New Haven), cancer
  • Ralph Grewe, emeritus living in Florida, (last served Holy Cross Fort Wayne), cancer
  • Janice Hieber, emeritus Fort Wayne (last served St Peter’s, Fort Wayne), cancer
  • Phil Sagissor, Trinity Crown Point, recovery & healing
  • Jabez, student at Trinity Crown Point, surgery
  • Rachelle Mertz, (Last served Mount Calvary ECE, Fort Wayne), in hospice care, brain tumor

For schools calling principals:

  • St Paul Lutheran, Bremen IN
  • Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran, Fort Wayne IN
  • St Peter’s Lutheran, Fort Wayne IN
  • Redeemer Lutheran, Kokomo IN – call pending
  • St Peter’s Lutheran, Columbus IN

Send requests to amy.mews@in.lcms.org