Vitality Tax Reports

Published on August 1st, 2016

In compliance with current tax law, rewards and reimbursements that members earn through the Vitality program are taxable. Concordia Plan Services will provide each members’ incentive earnings to the respective employer to be reported through the payroll system. At year-end, members’ total incentive amounts should be included on their W-2s.

CPS has received a comprehensive report from Vitality detailing all redeemed rewards (including subsidies for gym membership and fitness devices) and we are working to split up the information to send out to each employer. The reports that are going out soon will include reward information from 1/1/2016 thru 5/31/2016. We plan to begin sending out monthly reports in the future; the ongoing monthly reports will include information for the prior month as well as year-to-date.

Further instructions about including the information on worker W-2s will be sent later.