University Lutheran Church – W. Lafayette Gathering Information about College-bound Students

On behalf of the Indiana District LCMS, University Lutheran Church in West Lafayette is gathering information about college-bound students within our congregations in order to connect them with the LCMS ministry nearest to the school the student will be attending. Our goal is to connect all of our college students with the Word of Christ and with other Lutherans.

Any information we receive will be forwarded to the appropriate LCMS campus ministry or contact congregation.

There are two ways to communicate this information to us:

  1. By emailing us at with the name of the college-bound student, their email or other contact information, and the name of the university they will be attending.
  2. Through the Indiana District LCMS website: Click the following link to be directed to the online student information form.

Please include all college students, both new and returning, undergraduate and graduate, attending a college or university anywhere in the U.S. for the 2024-25 academic year. If your congregation has a policy that disallows sharing information about members, please encourage the student or their parents to fill out the form. You could also put a note in the bulletin or newsletter inviting people to send us names and information or fill out the online form.

For more information about this process, please visit

Thank you so much for your support of campus ministry!  We are passionate about caring for the spiritual well-being of our college students and appreciate whatever you can do to assist us in connecting them to their local LCMS campus ministry or congregation.