University Lutheran Church Remodel Nears Completion

Published on December 12th, 2018

University Lutheran Church is nearing completion on their remodeling project at 460 Northwestern Avenue in Lafayette. University Lutheran is located across the street from the Purdue Engineering Mall. This is a great location because the largest major at Purdue is engineering. Because of the high visibility and heavy traffic, the church redesigned the ground floor into church offices and a coffee shop, which will house the local coffee vendor, Fuel.

“On Sunday mornings, we’re seeing new faces, students hanging out longer, and more students at service,” says Reverend Justin Herman.

The basement is also getting an overhaul and will become the church’s fellowship hall. Final touches are still being completed with the hope that the new fellowship space will be finished by the end of the year. The fellowship hall will seat 150-200 students and houses a new commercial kitchen, making events like the Come Hungry Sunday dinner for students much more feasible.

“We used to have the dinners outside because the fellowship hall wasn’t big enough,” says Rev. Herman. “Our new fellowship hall is double the size of the old one. We can get a lot more people down there. We’re excited about it.”

Rev. Herman says the Indiana District has been essential to the success of the remodeling project. He adds, “The District has provided just the right amount of help, where it’s been needed. They’ve been helpful with the contractor, negotiating the vendor and setting contracts with the coffee shop. They’ve been very supportive.”

The goal of the coffee shop is not only to provide a community space, but also to spark student interest so they return to hear the Word of God. University Lutheran’s hope is that it opens a door to new relationships and more community. “We really want people to meet lifelong friends here,” Rev. Herman says.

University Lutheran is in the exploratory stages of developing other kinds of ministries, which will enhance the church’s mission and reach even more people for Jesus Christ.

Rev. Herman adds, “I’ve been happy to see the remodeling project come together and anyone who comes over will see it’s a blessing.”