Unit Calendar

PURPOSE: Provides timely structure of course units in a calendar year view


  • Unit titles should be sustainable and written to stand the test of time.
    • Q: Will unit titles still be viable if new resources are purchased?
    • Q: How could using the state standards be a starting point to writing sustainable unit titles?
  • Student learning progression should be evident within the unit calendar.
  • The unit calendar should reflect students’ learning pace within the course of study.
  • The horizontal bar on the unit calendar gives an approximate idea of unit instruction time.  Don’t get caught up if it’s off by a little; the bar can be easily adjusted.
  • It’s OK to stretch a unit over a longer length of time.  Some units might be just one week long, while others might be considerably longer.
  • Using consistent formatting when writing unit titles makes an easier-to-read unit calendar.
  • ADMIN: Be sure to set the school’s academic calendar.  This creates vertical lines in the unit calendar to help teachers be mindful of quarter/semester breaks.