Travel Opportunities

Published on March 16th, 2016

Two significant travel opportunities you might like to pursue.

Holy Land 17. Educational Opportunities Tours has departures almost every Tuesday in 2016 and 2017. Of special interest is the one being led by Pastor Dan Lepley Dec. 27 – Jan 5, 2017.  This customized pilgrimage may well be a life and faith growing experience for you and many in your congregation. EO sent several thousand pilgrims to the Holy Land in 2015. Bookings for this year are running strong. For some folks there is a fear factor, but that is not so significant for travel in Israel. You, as a group leader, can travel at no cost if you can recruit 5 pilgrims to go with you. Contact Dan at Our Shepherd in Avon if you consider joining him.
500th Reformation Anniversary Tour: This is a big one! EO is working with VU Alumni Asso. for this tour Oct. 24 – Nov 6, 2017. The VU Chorale will be traveling with us. They are the only choir in the world being invited to sing at the City Church in Wittenberg on Reformation Day and will then be singing 2 additional times at St. Thomas in Leipzig. This is an historic event and we have limited space. So far just over 60 have booked. Ratio for no cost travel is 1 for 7 for church workers who will be Tour Hosts. Very generous

You can look at the brochures on Tour RF17V.

Have a look. Be brave. A lot of people who don’t seem able to afford faith based travel actually can. Either of these tours can be their “Trip of a Lifetime.”

Pastor Dan Lepley will be at the Educational Opportunities Display at the Southern Pastors Conference in May. Pastor Don Williams, a Director of Travel Ministry for EO will be at the display at the Northern Pastors Conference.  You may call the latter about these tours or any other travel opportunities: 219-464-4466