Tips for a Sharp Accident Reporting Plan

Published on October 26th, 2016

Accident and incident reports involving employees, guests and members of your congregation should not be taken lightly. The information provided on these forms provide valuable insights about conditions or unusual events leading up to an injury or near-miss situation at your worship center.

It is important to document accidents and near-misses while the details are still fresh in the minds of victims and witnesses and after a situation has been stabilized. Capturing the information in writing helps ensure an accurate reflection of the accident. It also is a good practice to take photos that document conditions in an around the area of the accident or near-miss.

Proper documentation provides a starting point for investigations, analyzing potential solutions and taking actions on those solutions. In addition, accident reports can be valuable if a liability claim surfaces.

A good accident or near-miss reporting plan can:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your current safety program
  • Put the spotlight on training opportunities
  • Help you identify and develop prevention and action protocols
  • Pinpoint high-risk or frequent-accident exposures
  • Sharpen your documentation procedures
  • Assist you and your insurance company with handling claims

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