Three Questions about Communication

Published on January 25th, 2019

Question 1:

What do the Erie Canal, the Wittenberg door, the Pony Express, and the original Wireless (not Bluetooth) have in common?  A few hints:

  • The Erie Canal not only transported goods; the flow of ideas along this channel catalyzed sentiments for the abolitionist movement throughout New England and to the expanding West
  • Martin Luther’s hammer drove home justification by faith, and sparked a reformation of theology and culture
  • In its short run from 1860-1861, letter delivery by the Pony Express tied the West to the East faster than ever before
  • Information spread to the airwaves and to every home with the invention of the radio.

In each instance, these innovations spread information which spawned significant shifts in culture; communication is what is common to these four phenomena.  And in each instance, new technologies emerged to replace barges, church doors, cowboys, and the Wireless as avenues of communication.

I am rolling out a new Twitter feed for the enterprise of ministry throughout the Indiana District.  @brockbergPhD  will communicate with SAVVY educators, pledging parameters for tweets which are:

Scalable – ideas to amplify, expand, upgrade and build upon

Authoritative – truthful, avoiding fads and fake news

Vivifying – accenting what is meaningful and important

Vantage point – bolstering positions taken on issues and trends

Your contemplations – your calculus of gut feelings and personal reflections

 Question 2:                             

Is Twitter really worthwhile?

In all honesty, I didn’t have an active Twitter account until I started my Call with the Indiana District.  Since then, I have found Twitter to be an easy, quick, and efficient means of communication.  In the space of 280 characters I’ve kept up with breaking news, tracked trends, and followed brands, while keeping up with my transition to the multiple duties of the office.  I have come to appreciate what proponents of Twitter espouse; communicating via Twitter bolsters your:

  • Networking
  • Involvement in a cause
  • Search for relevant information (try #savvyLadmin as a start!)
  • Interface with trends
  • Pace of communication
  • Your Ministry

Question 3:

Will you follow me on Twitter?

If so, you will begin by virtually following me as I travel throughout the District to celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week, from January 28 through February 1.  And Fear Not! Communication will still flow from the District by email, the district website, and by phone, as always.  Pony Expressing throughout Indiana and Kentucky is no longer efficient, nor is it express.  Twitter will be, so follow me!