The Morning Star of Wittenberg

Published on October 18th, 2017

Katie was really something!  Katie Luther would never have imagined being on Facebook, having books written about her, her own CPH Bobblehead doll or having a retreat named after her (Indiana District Pastors’ Wives Retreat is called the “Katie Retreat.”)

There are excellent books written about this historic lady (See Katie My Rib) who was the wife of Martin Luther the Reformer.  Her role in Martin’s life and the life of their family is pivotal and well known, but her life in the Church and her reformation heart may not be as familiar.  Her own spiritual journey in life is remarkable!   She was indeed a woman of faith who was seeking to know the truth of God’s power and made her way to Martin Luther to learn and grow in her faith.

As a runaway nun she left behind the convent life to grasp the freedom of the Gospel.  Her life as a child, her marriage to Martin, her management of the household, her raising of the children and her life after Martin died provide a series of riveting stories.  “She mellowed Luther’s harsher side, kept the household from bankruptcy despite her husband’s generosity, and enhanced his life with the excitement of family living.” CPH comment of Katharina

 Yet, her faithful courage at a time in history when that was tough is more than interesting, it is amazing!  As you read and study about the former Katharina Von Bora you will see what you see in many strong Christian women of every age!  Luther respected and loved Katie and always considered her a gift from God.  We do too as we must say Katie was really something!