As we anticipate the total solar eclipse Aug. 21, which has been called “The Great American Eclipse” due to its rarity, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis has created a free Bible study to mark the event.

The Bible study, written by Dean of Theological Research and Publication Dr. Charles Arand, invites congregations, small groups and individuals to explore our “sense of wonder” in God’s creation through Scripture. It is designed as a one-day study but may be extended into two or three sessions.

Today, events like total eclipses continue to have the ability to re-awaken a childlike sense of wonder. Think back for a moment and identify a couple moments from childhood (or adulthood) when you were filled with wonder.

What is wonder? How would you define it? Some have suggested that it is one of our most basic human emotions. Martha Nussbaum, an ethicist at the University of Chicago, has suggested that there are several components to our experience of wonder….click here to view or download the full study.