The countdown for TEC21 2022-2023 cohorts has begun! Don’t let the registration window close!

We’re 60 days from the close of registration on March 31 for 2022-2023 TEC21 cohorts—for the professional development opportunity our teachers say gives them new tools to help a new generation of students, and the MUST HAVE collaboration and support of other Lutheran educators.

“I learned so much from Luke! I love the way he gave us both big ideas and quick, easy tools. This gave me the chance to immediately implement small changes in the classroom while setting long-term goals for the future. Luke was so patient with all of my questions and was always encouraging. This was one the best professional developments I’ve ever been to!” –Jael Sylva

It’s easy to sign up! Principals, register now for as many seats as you wish at and plan to assign teachers by the close date of March 31. There are 35 cohorts forming now for early childhood, elementary, middle-level, high school and higher education!