Tech21 Workshop Program

Supportive community, meaningful and immediate application is what sets TEC21 apart.

 The technological landscape changes at such a dizzying speed that it is vital our Lutheran educators receive quality continuing education. The TEC21 Workshop Program is set apart from other leading professional development opportunities in three key ways:

  • Cohorts are led by master Lutheran school educators for Lutheran school educators.
  • Shared mission and values facilitate a warm, caring and like-minded cohort community.
  • The TEC21 curriculum is culturally relevant, Biblically sound, and trustworthy, and designed for immediate application to strengthen classrooms month after month,

 Comments from surveys from the fall sessions support this:

“… extra time to build tools that we can implement right away makes this so much more valuable than just attending a conference …”

“… we’ve quickly developed friendships and a support system for one another. In just a few short meetings we’ve shared ideas, successes and failures …”

Registration is underway for next September’s Season 16! See the cohort lineup and don’t delay saving seats for EC-12 virtual and in-person cohorts, including four virtual, non-geographic, high school cohorts for English, science, theology and social studies!  Reach out to Brent Dieckhoff here to schedule a Calendly call to learn more or read more here.

 – Dr. Kevin Brockberg, Education Executive