TEC21 Workshop Program Cohorts Filling Fast

As we continue to navigate the pandemic and create new teaching and learning paradigms, professional leadership and expert coaching are essential. Principals are responding to the need for technological efficacy and TEC21 Workshop Program 2021/2022 cohorts are reaching capacity.
Don’t miss the opportunity to help your teachers become competent for a new educational playing field and equipped to be resources and coaches for their peers. The TEC21 professional development program is one of the most challenging, exciting and masterful ways to ensure Lutheran school teachers, parents and students thrive in the midst of change.
REGISTRATION FOR THE TEC21 2021/2022 COHORT CLOSED MARCH 31 and next year’s workshop dates will be set this month. TEC21 will continue to accept reservations until centers are full. Workshop date conflicts for those registering late will be addressed and adjusted, if appropriate, by facilitators at the first workshop in September.
If you’re interested in joining, please check availability now by clicking here <https://tec21connect.com/registration/>. If you don’t yet know which teacher(s) you’d like to send to represent your school, simply register with your (principal) name while you determine your funding solution.