TEC21 Update for March

TEC21 Workshop Program 2021/2022 cohorts will follow one of the most remarkable learning periods for Lutheran teachers in our history. We have seats left! Save your spots now just by registering today! Don’t miss giving your teachers the opportunity to unpack what we’ve learned during the 2020/2021 school term about enhanced in-person and remote learning. Our teachers connect with others outside their own schools, become competent for a new educational playing field and equipped to be resources and coaches for their peers. Missouri District Workshop Facilitator Rob Jacklin said it best: “One of the most significant ways to impact student learning in the classroom is to impact teacher learning! Teachers who are confident and open learners themselves benefit kids in the classroom.” 

To register, click here or scan this QR code.

To learn more, click here to download the TEC21 one-sheet.

To download a cover letter and a non-religious description of the program to submit to your Title officer: https://tec21connect.com/registration/title-funds/.