TEC21 – June Newsletter

Published on June 24th, 2020

WE’VE EXTENDED OUR REGISTRATION! We know this is a busy time, so we’ve extended our registration leaving the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming school year. The experience of rolling out emergency remote learning plans this spring reminded TEC21 facilitators of two very important things very quickly.

  1. Our teachers need to be competent and confident in using technology to enrich their instruction.
  2. Our teachers need a network of others to learn and grow from that is outside of their own buildings.


TEC21 is a wonderful program that pairs these necessary elements together perfectly. As a TEC21 educator your teachers are given opportunities to enhance their technology skills as well as build a network of Lutheran school teachers that are able to work together to enhance their own classroom instruction. We’re forming our cohorts now throughout many of the LCMS districts to prepare for these unprecedented times as we look to the 2020/2021 school year. 


Register your teachers here: http://tec21connect.com/registration/! Many schools use Title money to pay for some or all of the registration fee. Click here to download a cover letter and a non-religious description of the program to submit to your Title officer: https://tec21connect.com/registration/title-ii-funds/

Click here to download the TEC21 flyer.