Teacher Licensing

Teachers should be licensed by the state where you are teaching.  Holding a valid license in another state is helpful but does not count as being licensed.   Check out the appropriate state sites below to learn more about teaching licenses.

Indiana Teaching License Link

  • All Indiana licenses are applied through LVIS, the portal for school related licenses
  • If you never held an Indiana Teaching license and completed your education degree in a state other than Indiana, go to Out of State Programs for directions on how to apply for an IN Teaching license.
    • For a teaching license you will choose “Orginial” License”; next question choose “Instructional” and the next questions “Orginial Instructional”
      • If you are elementary – for subject – put Elementary
      • If you are middle or high school; for subject put your subject area(s) such as Math, History, etc.
  • If you previously had an Indiana Teaching license; then go to Renew a License even if the license is expired.
  • If you have questions you may contact education@in.lcms.org at the IN District Office for guidance or contact the Indiana State Office of Educator Effectiveness & Licensing.

Kentucky Teaching License Link