Students Participate in March for Life

Published on January 15th, 2018

Concordia Lutheran High School students head to Washington

On January 19th, students from Concordia Lutheran High School will be participating in the March for Life in Washington DC. The 45th annual March for Life is in response to the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

Mark Dolde and Karolyn Dillman act as advisors for the pro-life group at Concordia Lutheran High School. This is Mr. Dolde’s fifth year organizing the trip that includes a tour of the Capitol and other important sites. The group expects between 60 and 70 CLHS students to participate. About 500,000 take part annually in the March for Life, which occurs two days before Life Sunday.

“This trip is important because it gives students the opportunity to have conversations about the value of human life that might not otherwise take place,” Mr. Dolde adds.

As co-advisor, he doesn’t need to recruit students for the march because the students are the best advocates.

“This truly is a student-based leadership,” he adds. “Students get the word out and do the work. It’s encouraging to see the next generation owning it and doing what they can.”

Besides the March for Life, students also participate in other projects that focus on valuing all life, not just the unborn. For example, students completed a pergola for Lutheran Life Villages this past year.

The march remains an important event for the pro-life group.

“Each year my hope is that students learn how

to communicate the value of human life as a gift from God while witnessing the vast number of people who are also taking a peaceful stand for the unborn.”