Stand Up for School Choice!

On Thursday, the Senate released its budget and we learned that the Senate Appropriations Committee stripped all of the school choice improvements proposed by the House in HB 1001 and HB 1591.

The Senate budget does NOT:

  • Remove the voucher eligibility tracks,
  • Ensure kindergarten access to the Choice Scholarship Program, OR
  • Increase the financial eligibility for both voucher and SGO programs.

By removing these improvements to the Choice Scholarship Program, the Senate Appropriations Committee has sent the message that they do not support Hoosier families in making the education choices that are best for their children. This clearly demonstrates the Senate’s lack of support for non-public schools.

We need you to contact your State Senator TODAY and tell them to add these improvements to the Choice Scholarship Program back into the Senate budget. The Senate will continue to work on its budget next week, so it is critical that you voice your concerns NOW. Please use your voice to stand up for school choice and non-public schools in Indiana!

Please encourage your school families to reach out to their State Senators. We need everyone to speak up in support of non-public schools!


The INPEA makes it easy to email your state senator by going to: