Special Announcement from CUEnet

Published on May 28th, 2020

This year CUEnet is blessed to serve its 2000th colloquy student. These students have come from all over the country: from large cities and rural towns; from big schools and small; from the United States to Canada, China, Korea, and eastern Europe; from early elementary classrooms to high school and university classrooms. In every case, we have been privileged to serve.

In response to their work in the program, students have been very vocal about how the study of doctrine has impacted both their personal faith life and their teaching in the classroom. Just last week, after completing her assignment on the doctrine of election to finish Christian Doctrine, Kristyna Meier, a teacher from Missouri, wrote to say, “Thank you. As always, this class was very enlightening! I love how well equipped I am becoming at being able to discuss my faith with others, and actually know what I’m trying to say. These classes have led to some very interesting conversations with my best friend, a Catholic.”

Similarly, Linda Root, an elementary principal from Florida, wrote to her mentor Dr. Halm a few months ago, Just yesterday I had the opportunity to share words of Gospel to a student who had cheated on a math test. It was clear beyond doubt that she sincerely regretted her choice, not just the consequences, and so I was led to explain the beauty of the Gospel and God’s provision for us in the righteousness of Christ…Then when I spoke with her father, who does not attend church, I had an opportunity to talk about how I handled the situation and what we Lutherans mean by Law and Gospel. CUEnet equipped me for those conversations in ways that I would never have imagined eight courses ago.”

Kristyna and Linda are among the colloquy students who have benefited from scholarships from CUEnet.  In fact, every student who has taken a colloquy class has benefited from scholarships provided through CUEnet. Each year CUEnet is in a unique position to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of the nation’s LCMS teachers—and the dollars have been distributed throughout every district to every student equally. This year is no different.

We have again received a major gift from our most generous donor, the Borland family. This gift will provide a $275 scholarship to every colloquy student this year, on every single course.  In addition, other scholarship dollars from members of our Next Generation Society are providing a full scholarship for the Old Testament course. This keeps the cost of a colloquy course around $400–but the fact is most teachers don’t even have to afford that, because many of the districts around the country are also providing scholarships for their teachers in the program! God is so good!

We ask for your prayers for colloquy students and the children of LCMS schools, for colloquy mentors and staff, and for the work that CUEnet does each day to teach the doctrines of the Church and to provide means to teachers to participate in colloquy.

May the Lord bless and keep all who serve in His classrooms,

Heather Stueve, Ed.D.

Chief Operations Officer and Director of Academic Programs

CUEnet (Concordia University Education Network)