Soldiers of the Cross COVID-19 Response Initiative

LCEF is immediately distributing $1 million dollars to the 35 districts for immediate relief grants. We extend a heartfelt challenge to our faithful LCEF investors and friends to help equal or exceed the initial $1 million-dollar distribution.

The LCMS has itself committed $1.5 million dollars toward this effort from humanitarian gifts already received. Working with their donors and reaching further into the Church, the LCMS will continue to appeal to the entire Church to give an equal or greater amount over the coming months.

Together, LCEF and the LCMS seek to raise $5 million dollars for Soldiers of the Cross, purely to address the needs of church workers facing a crisis situation.

The need is urgent. Please support our Soldiers of the Cross COVID-19 Response Initiative through your gift of any amount, given at any time. May the Lord richly bless your generosity.

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