Senior Ministry Task Force

Rev. Donald Sandmann

Rev. Mike Wakefield

Rev. Roger Olson

Rev. Dr. Geoffrey L. Robinson

Rev. Steven Voelker

Mr. Mark Franke

It’s exciting to hear that the average age of the lifespan of an American continues to rise. As a pastor, you are most likely noticing that in your church records and the grey hair in your pews. We quickly come to the realization that seniors offer us a unique set of opportunities for ministry. That’s the good news. But then we start thinking about our time commitments and our energy level already at the max, to say nothing of our congregation’s continual discussions on finances. What to do?
Your Indiana District Senior Adult Ministry Task Force offers help free of work for you and free of cost for your congregation! This help comes from congregations that currently have successful senior ministries that are free! As the pastor of your congregation, who knows the importance of having a senior ministry, we encourage you to call Rev. Geoff Robinson, 1-800-837-1145, Ext. 2207, and he will connect you with folks who will share with you how it works for them. This is indeed a marvelous opportunity for you to begin or expand this much needed ministry in your congregation—and all for free—it’s a no brainer!