Senior Adult Ministry Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 November, 2019 Indiana District – LCMS

Published on January 28th, 2020

First Edition

This is the inaugural edition of the Senior Adult Ministry Newsletter produced by the Senior Adult Task Force of the Indiana District—LCMS. In this edition you will find ideas as well as resources that you can read and or download that may be of help to you in your ministry to the seniors in your congregation.  Remember that a senior adult is anyone who is fifty years of age or older.

Cross Generational Connections

Why not consider having the seniors in your congregation form partnerships with the youth in your congregation?  For example create “Prayer Partnerships”. Connect a senior member or a couple in your congregation with a youth of your congregation.  Acknowledge the pairing that you have set up in the Divine Service and have a reception following the service. Encourage the seniors to write notes of encouragement, talk with their youth partner before and after Divine Service, attend the youth’s sporting or music events    and in that way encourage the youth that they are partnered with.  The seniors can serve as supplemental grandparents.


A.L.O. A. stands for Adult Lutherans Organized for Action.  This is a pan-Lutheran organization which specializes in issues concerning senior adults.  You may find something useful on their website. Not all of the material may be acceptable doctrinally.   Here is the link to their website:

 Ministry to the Aging

The Wisconsin Synod has a Bible study for the aging that might be of help in your congregation.  Here is the link to that free downloadable Bible Study:…/ministry-to-the-agingbiblestudy/

Please note that this is a Wisconsin Synod Bible study so make sure that you review it for doctrinal correctness before using it.

 Other Links Which May Prove Helpful:

Camp Arcadia in Michigan is offering a Luther Hostel for seniors in 2020.  Here is the link to the website:

Family Friendly Partnership Network:

Information on ministry to senior adults: