School Personnel – Background Checks

Background Check, The 2016 Indiana General Assembly expanded the background check requirements for new school employees to include an Expanded Child Protection Index check as of July 1, 2016. The DOE and the Department of Child Services (DCS) collaborated on a guidance memo and an FAQ to explain these changes, which will apply to all public schools and school corporations and non-public schools, regardless of accreditation, that employ one (1) or more employees.

This applies to ALL Lutheran Schools in Indiana regardless of accrediation status

The Expanded Child Protection Index is processed throught he Indiana Department of Child Services.  You may find information and a form on the website of  Indiana Department of Child Services to submit your employee names.

To clarify – schools needs two checks on any new employee.  These checks are to be done within 3 months of a new hire

  1. Expanded Criminal History Checks
  2. Expanded Child Protection Index Check

This includes all who are likely to have a direct, ongoing contract with children wihin the schope of their employement …so this may mean the school office staff too.  The FAQ has very good information and you may also contact the Indiana District Office of Education for further clarifcation.

The Indiana District office can provide Expanded Criminal History checks through Protect My Ministry…contact Amy Mews to use our account or you may set up your own account directly through Protect My Ministry or use any other service that provides Expanded Criminal History Checks.

#23 of the FAQ:   How does the ECH and ECPI check requirement apply to volunteers and lay coaches? You should continue to follow your local governing body policy relative to background checks for volunteers, volunteer coaches and other unpaid community “helpers” in your schools or at school sponsored activities.  If the governing body wishes to apply the expanded criminal history check and expanded child protection index check requirements to those individuals as well, the governing body has the authority to change its local policy accordingly.