School Mailing from LCMS School Ministry – Great Reading

Published on October 16th, 2019

Check out the LCMS School Ministry Mailling for October!  You can find this EVERY month at  under RESOURCES.  Older mailings are there too!   Read it, share it, print it, and best of all- it’s FREE.

This month includes:

  • Alight “Where Schools Flourish, all Flourishes” by Dr. Rebecca Schmidt
  • Computer File “What is Next in Technology: Student Resources” Matthew Bergholt
  • Early Childhood Devotions “The Book of Esther” Dr. Judith Christian
  • Family Matters “JOY:FULLY LUTHERAN: Joy … in the Midst of Change” Dr. Steven Christopher
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made “Special Education Throughout the School Year: October” Kara Bratton
  • Parent Pages “When Should You Stop Reading Aloud to Your Child?” Dr. Kim Marxhausen
  • Professionally Speaking “Pray Without Ceasing” Mark Muehl
  • Rattles & Prattles “Rejoice always …” Judy Williams  (pages especially for early childhood)
  • School Shepherd “THEME: JOY:FULLY LUTHERAN Faith:fully” Rev. Robert Riggert
  • Time Out for Directors “The Challenge Is Real!” Dr. Drew Gerdes