Salary and Benefits Planning: The Concordia Plans Compensation Decision Support Tool

Outputs: Salary and Benefits planning.  The Concordia Plans Compensation Decision Support Tool endorsed by the District advises you of the following.

  • The 2024 refresh of the data will be completed by February 1.
  • Anticipate for your planning now that the Tool will calculate a +4% increase in the algorithm. If you are trying to catch up to the market value (the midpoint on the Tool) to maintain competitiveness with other schools (we all know employing teachers is more challenging with low range salaries and benefits) then consider building your packages with a +5-8% increase (it is the cost of doing business).

Inputs. With the “cost of doing business” ever rising, now is the time to consider revenue streams with your Boards and leadership teams.  Scott Schumacher, Executive Director of the Lutheran SGO met with principals from all four regions in November and December, and shared a simple Cost Per Pupil spreadsheet.  Scott will meet with you as you lead your school toward sustainability, just ask!

100% is the Goal!  As of December 1, just 54% of Lutheran School administrators completed the Annual School Statistics Survey and the addendum.  I can’t do much about the national statistic, yet I can appeal to you to make Indiana and Kentucky one of the Districts to have 100% reporting.  As I shared in Regional Principal Meetings, portions of this can be delegated across your leadership team and staff.  If you have questions, Shannon will be able to assist you when she begins in the office on January 3.

– Dr. Kevin Brockberg, Education Executive