RSO Spotlight: Lakeview Ministries

Indiana District RSO Spotlight
RSO’s (Recognized Service Organizations) are not-for-profit organizations that are independent of the LCMS,
but operate ministry programs that foster the mission and ministry of the church.
We are excited to share a little more about some of these RSO’s with the people of the Indiana District,
and ask that you join us in praying for these groups and the people they serve.
If you have questions about an RSO, they would love to have you contact them!
Today we spotlight Lakeview Ministries out of Seymour, Indiana.

Lakeview Ministries: Changing Lives for Kingdom Service

Camp changes lives.  And here at Lakeview Ministries, we get a front row seat to the powerful way God is using camp ministry to grow, encourage, connect and equip followers of Jesus for his Kingdom.

Founded in 1965, Lakeview Ministries (based in Seymour, IN) is a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the LCMS.  Since our humble beginnings that first summer, where small groups of campers came to laugh and play at Lutheran Lake, we have grown to our current reality as a camp ministry with three different sites, programs for people of all ages, and year-round ministry with over 2,200 campers in the summer and over 10,000 campers during the school year.

We are blessed to have a strong partnership with the LCMS churches and schools in our district.  One reason for this is because many teachers, DCEs, and pastors in our district were once campers or summer staff members here at Lakeview!

One of the coolest ways that the impact of camp is shown is through the lives of the young adults who serve on staff for a summer.  During the summer of 2023 we had 50 college-age young adults serve on Summer Staff, and more than 100 high school students volunteer as Junior Staff.  We reached out to our alumni to ask how camp changed their future plans in life, and this is what a few of them shared:

“I was a camper, JC, and staff member. My degree was in education and then I ended up doing 2 years of volunteer traveling music ministry, worked for 2 Christian non-profits, and helped plant an LCMS church. I would never have done any of those things if I hadn’t worked at camp.”
-Jami Stroud, served

“I really had no idea what I wanted to do before working at camp. I was super lost on a career, but after two amazing summers I decided I wanted to be a Lutheran school teacher. Now I teach 6th grade at White Creek Lutheran school!”
-Maddie “Brit” Engelau, Lakeview Staff Member, 2021-2022

“Career-wise, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. The transformative ingredient that God pours into camp year in and year out began my path to not only serving on summer staff for four summers, run a camp-like service event for 15 summers, but also propelled me to now as I begin my 11th year in the DCE ministry as a youth director at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Indianapolis.”
-Brandon “Broha” Grelle, Lakeview Staff Member,

These are just a few stories from the thousands of young adults who have served at camp over the years.  At a conservative estimate, over the past 30 years, more than 20 pastors, 70 teachers, and 15 DCEs have sprung from the ranks of Lakeview alumni.  It is so incredible to see how God uses time at camp to prepare people for future work in His Kingdom, and we are grateful for the role that camp is able to serve in the larger Church.

If you’ve never been to camp before, we encourage you to come and see for yourself the power of camp!  In addition to Lakeview Ministries, the Indiana District is also served by Camp Lutherhaven in northern Indiana.  Both camps offer programs for children, youth, families, and groups.  To learn more about Lakeview Ministries check out their website at