Retire Sucessfully Resources from CPS

Published on September 18th, 2017

At Concordia Plan Services, we want our dedicated workers to be able to slide gracefully into a fulfilling retirement. Several entities help make that happen, and we understand our role as one of them. Through Concordia Plan Services, we provide our vested workers with the Concordia Retirement Plan, a pension at no cost to you. The CRP gives vested workers guaranteed income when your service ends and you retire. We also offer you the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan, the 401(k) of the non-profit world. Through the CRSP, you can defer some of your salary for use in your golden years. Below are some resources to help you plan and prepare for the retirement for which you have worked so hard.

A 1% Increase Can Add Up to Financial Security

Through the Concordia Retirement Savings Plan, you can put aside money tax-free and build a sizable nest egg from which to draw after you retire. Already saving in the plan? Check out what a mere 1% increase could allow you to additionally do in your retirement. Not saving yet? See how saving even just 1 percent of your salary will make a difference at retirement.

Discover the Impact of 1%. 

What Retirement Income Level Should You Expect?

Many workers don’t know what income they will receive when they retire. Concordia Plan Services has a tool available to help give you a clearer picture of what your financial situation will be in retirement. Click the link below and then go to “Retirement Connection.” Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to create a financial picture of your future. Then, from there, you’ll be better able to make more informed decisions on how much you are saving toward your retirement.

Calculate Your Retirement Paycheck.