Resources from Concordia Plans

Concordia Plans asked us to forward this email to our School Administrators so that you would know about these resources.

Mental Health Resources

Caring for the mental health of our members continues to be a primary focus of Concordia Plans, so I ask that you please share this information with your ministry leaders.

Located within the Employers-Resources section, under Our Community, is a Mental Health Toolkit (link below). It has been designed to support leaders in caring for their workers, staff and themselves.

One such resource that you will find is a recording of a webinar held on May 25th titled: Cultivating a Workplace Culture that Supports Mental Health. The webinar includes strategies for employers to use and provides a guided demo of the ER Mental Health Toolkit. The toolkit will be updated regularly with new resources.

2022 CHP Employer Elections

Concordia Health Plan Employer Elections for 2022 will begin on Monday, August 2nd and end on Friday, September 3rd. Thankfully, we have nowhere near the number of changes for 2022 as we had for 2021. 😊 As we did last year, we are looking to host virtual CHP Town Halls, along with providing each district with a recorded version that you can post/share with your respective ministries. We are looking at mid-July to begin, so more details to come.

New Calls and Worker Transfers/Retirements

This time of year marks the movement of workers within the ministries of the LCMS. Whether it be NEW Pastors receiving their first Call from the seminary, Teachers accepting Calls to new schools or, workers retiring after years of faithful service, we want to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Please encourage your ministries to reach out to us as they begin the process, so that we can answer any questions that they have.

June 17th Member CRP Webinar – Pensions & the CRP

The Concordia Retirement Plan Pension-CRP and the important roles that it plays in providing a lifetime of income for our workers in retirement, continues to be a mystery for many. That is 100% on us to fix.

To that end, we are hosting (2) webinars on June 17th as part of our Financial Education Series focused on the CRP, with the following goals:

  • Learn the basics of what a pension is, and how it is different from a 403(b)
  • Understand your Concordia Retirement Plan pension benefits
  • Look up what CRP option(s) you are enrolled in and your potential benefits

If you have any questions about the things that I have highlighted, please know that you can always contact me, or your Account Manager.

God’s Peace and Continued Blessings!


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Director, Ministry Engagement

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