Reformation Celebrations

Published on October 12th, 2016

Reformation celebrations are underway and more and bigger ones are planned for next year! The Reformation month is a good time for us to share the Gospel and we remind our own people of the blessings we have in:

  • The Three Solas (Faith, Scripture, and Grace)jesus
  • The value of a Biblical understanding of Law and Gospel
  • The treasure of Word and Sacrament when we gather for worship

As Lutheran Christians we certainly highlight the contributions of our dear Dr. Luther and the Lutheran confessions as they focus on God’s Word to us!

martin-lutherThere is still time to plan some things for the last half of October. Think of ways to show, tell and teach the great Reformation themes to children and adults alike. Remember most people are not nearly as conversant about the Reformation themes as you might think. It’s still about Jesus! Check out the resources through CPH and find something for all ages in your congregation/school. Who knows, maybe people will forget all about Halloween!