Recruiting Future Leaders for Lutheran Schools

You know the future of Lutheran Schools rests in God’s hands; as Luther expounds, His Kingdom comes through us.

The Indiana District endorses four programs to encourage and equip future administrators for Lutheran Schools.

FLAME is designed to mold future school leaders, fully equipped for the task of administration with answers about administrative roles and responsibilities, collegial connections, rich resources, and spiritual inspiration all ignited with a 3-day introduction on the campus of Concordia University-Ann Arbor each June.   The District provides a full scholarship to participants in FLAME. In the past three years, 20 individuals have participated in FLAME (Future Leaders and Administrators-Midwest Educators).  Deadline: March 31, 2023

SLED is conducted by LCMS School Ministry, with a purpose to identify and recruit thirty leadership participants serving in Lutheran schools and train them through a year-long program bookended by two June national SLED events.  The cost to each participant is $500.  Since the program started in 1996, over 450 potential administrative candidates have been prepared for leadership via SLED (School Leadership Development).  Deadline March 31, 2023

PRINCIPAL 360 is an intensive, robust nationwide training powered by the Chicagoland Lutheran Education Foundation, and the Indiana District has graduated five leaders in the year-long programs beginning each January or July:

  • Five courses led by acclaimed instructors from across the country via a combination of in-person and online learning culminating in a professional certification. Courses are presented in two-week modules and are designed to build a school’s unique Strategic Plan
  • Leadership coaching throughout the entire program to support the application of course content, personal growth, and strategic planning
  • Three in-person Meet-Ups provide members with an exclusive opportunity for face-to-face training and development with expert instructors and coaches in an open, relaxed, collaborative environment

The $6000 tuition for Principal 360 is split evenly with the school and a $3000 scholarship from the District. Deadline: March 31, 2023.

School Leader Fellowship is led by The Oaks Academy, Indianapolis, in partnerships with EdChoice and Early Learning Indiana. Leaders with varying amounts of experience are invited to join this one-year virtual journey toward alignment of philosophy to practices and core values. Our network includes public, private, charter, and innovation schools. Our faith-based institutions are diverse.  Six Lutheran principals applied Title funding to the program costs in past cohorts.  Learn more by visiting the website or by contacting Katie Taylor at ktaylor@theoaksacademy.orgApplications for SLF Class VII, 2023-2024 open March 1, 2023.