Professional Growth Points & Teacher Licensing

Published on April 29th, 2016

As summer approaches it’s time to review your teacher licensing and see about applying for an Indiana Teaching License, or renewing or earning professional development points to work toward your next renewal.

As you take workshops, seminars or courses or attend conferences, remember to document your activity and attach certificates to verify your experience in your Professional Growth Plan (PGP) you create in LVIS, Indiana’s On-line teacher licensing site.

IF you served on an NLSA visiting team this year – you are eligible for PG Points and I am authorized to create that certificate for you.  If you have not received a certificate- contact and request that.

Principals, remind your new teachers to contact our office to get started on the correct licensing path.  If they have accepted a call they can start the process now before moving to Indiana.  Indiana teacher licensing information is found at 

Questions about licensing or PGP?  Let us know if we can help you with the process.   – Amy Mews, Christian Education, Indiana District-LCMS