Principals Participate in Mentoring Program

Published on September 29th, 2019

The Indiana District has launched a mentoring initiative that will help new Lutheran school principals to onboard smoothly into their new roles. This mentoring program provides encouragement and assistance to school leaders who are either transitioning into a new school or shifting into administration for the first time.

Dr. Kevin Brockberg, executive counselor for Christian education, knows the arduous task of learning school administration. Without adequate support, the transition can leave new principals feeling ill-equipped for their new role. By providing a targeted mentoring program, new principals are paired up with experienced school leaders who can offer needed support and encouragement. Through goal setting and regular meetings with mentors, new principals receive valuable input on how to lead a well-managed school.

“I am very appreciative of the intentionality with this program,” Emily Johnson, interim principal of Holy Cross said. “I know I have many people willing to help me, but this is especially helpful since my mentor is in the same trenches as me. He is familiar with the area and the Indiana District. Our schools are also similar in size. I am extremely thankful and feel very blessed to have a local, fellow principal support me in my new role.”

Seven new principals are participating in the mentorship program, which included a full-day workshop in September learning about school accreditation, SGO’s, curriculum support, and the Lutheran Church Extension Fund.

Paul Meredith, new principal at St. Peter’s Lutheran School in Columbus, said, “I have been amazed by the graciousness of everyone in the District to help onboard me into my new role as principal. I could not have asked for a smoother transition to a new state, role, and school. It is evident that the people who have helped me through the first month of school are really working hard to support me and for the growth of God’s Kingdom.”

The mentorship dynamic will continue throughout the current school year, and gear up for the next cadre of new principals who will take the reigns of school leadership in the upcoming academic year.