Presentations from Rev. Chad Lakies

Rev. Chad Lakies from Lutheran Hour Ministries was keynote speaker at our Summer Administrators Conference this past July in Fishers. His presentations are especially poignant in today’s culture. You can view the presentation slides by clicking the following links:

The Rise of Identity – Broadening the Conversation Beyond Sex, Race, and Gender

How NOT to Let Issues Prevent Relationships

How to FIND YOURSELF in a Secular Age

Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies is the regional director for North America at Lutheran Hour Ministries and provides leadership and operational management for the North America region. His primary area of scholarship is the intersection of church and culture in the North Atlantic world. He regularly speaks at national and international conferences for pastors, church professionals, and scholars and has published in several journals on the topic of faith and culture. Lakies most recently served as Department Chair and Associate Professor of Religion at Concordia University, Portland. He and his wife Bethany live with their two daughters in St. Peters, MO.