Preparing for the ILEARN Statewide Readiness Test

Published on January 4th, 2019

All schools administering AIR assessments in Spring 2019 are required to participate in the Statewide Readiness Test (SRT) on January 23, or in the event of a school closing/delay or other conflict, the backup date (January 28). Schools should select a 30-minute block of time between the hours of 8 to 11 a.m. ET to conduct the SRT. Schools should review the guidance and detailed scripts in the Technology Readiness Guide for use in conducting the Statewide Readiness Test. Contact the Indiana Assessment Help Desk at 866-298-4256 or via email for any assistance.

NEW! ILEARN Mathematics & English/Language Arts FAQs – Share with Educators

The Office of Student Assessment created an ILEARN Mathematics FAQ and an ILEARN English/Language Arts FAQ in response to common educator questions about the new ILEARN assessments. Both documents are located on our website. Please share with educators in your schools and let our content team know if you have additional questions.