Pray continually

Published on January 31st, 2018

No time not to pray! Christians enjoy praying!  It is one of those wonderful privileges that God has given to us!  We are invited to “call upon Him in time of trouble and to pray, praise and give thanks” without ceasing!

                       Pray continually, 1Th_5:17

Our prayer life is our personal life-line to the ONE who really and truly cares about us and is powerful enough to help us!  He always listens and He is always available!

This famous quote from Luther indicates the time and energy that was so much a part of his life in Christ!  He knew how much he needed God’s guidance and he knew he always had God’s ear.  His human limitations were so real to him he used God’s grace as a daily opportunity to pour out his heart to the only One who truly understood him and could guide him.

We know that too!  God is always there for us and we have the invitation to “be in touch” with him all the time.  They say that as artificial intelligence gets smarter and smarter it will be able to sense or know what we want, what we are thinking and what we are to do.  That “could” be pretty cool in some cases, but we have a much more trustworthy and available of divine intelligence available to us constantly!  And God’s battery never runs down and cannot be unplugged!

As we pray we pray for God’s will to be done, but we are often tempted to pray in a way that seems to be asking God to see things our way!  We do bring our petitions and we do share our deeps concerns and our own perceived needs, but we also trust the Lord to whom we pray to move according to His holy will!

As we continue our Epiphany journey we do so with thankful hearts!  We always have “someone” – no, the One and Only God and Lord – to turn to!