PPP2 Letter

The Indiana District has issued updated information concerning the Economic Aid Act. Below is an excerpt from the letter. You can download the full letter here.

February 10, 2021
Blessings to you as we enter the weeks leading to the Lenten Season!
As the trying times of 2020 extend into the New Year, we hold fast to the faith given to us by God, foundationally in our baptism and continually through the receiving of His preached Word and administered Sacrament in the Divine Service. Each LCMS congregation within the Indiana District as well as sister congregations throughout the LCMS are facing unique and challenging situations brought about by Covid-19. In response to the Covid-19 situation, local, state and federal authorities have responded. In some cases, the responses of these respective authorities have been detrimental to the church, while in other cases the response is commendable. One such response viewed by many as commendable is the ongoing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This letter is meant as a reminder of the Congregations in Need initiative as well as to give an update on the PPP, with the most recent iteration being called PPP2, especially as it pertains to the application of this program in light of the cultural and societal climate in which we currently find ourselves.